The Serenity Bay Resort Hotel is a 4-star resort set in a unique natural setting. Surrounded by lush vegetation and mangroves, the resort embraces the serene waters of the Caribbean. 

The resort includes 378 overall units ranging from hotel guestrooms and CIP units to 2-bedroom guestroom suites in the hotel tower to exotic 1 and 2 bedroom over water villas.  Additionally, the resort includes breathtaking views from 2-bedroom hillside suites and 3 bedroom over water villas at the beachside at the base of the hill.

Capturing amazing views and overseeing the entire resort are three unique private villas at the top of Goat Head Hill.  These villas range from 3 to 4 bedrooms with expansive decks and plunge pools. 

The resort also has planned condominium units located discretely adjacent the main hotel tower with private amenities and amazing beachside access and views.